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How to File a Patent

Procedure for IPIC Application, Processing and Filing

  • Proposing faculty should submit two printed copies of the Disclosure form to the IPIC:
    • “Proposal for Filing Indian Patent” (Downloadable from IPIC website of the Institute:
    • Appropriate IPO forms for patent/design/copyright filing (Downloadable from IPIC website of the Institute:
      • For example, a product or process patent filing will require Form – 1, Form – 2, Form – 3, Form – 9 and Form – 18
      • Please read the “Guidelines for Filling Forms” before filling the Form - 2. A sample copy of Form – 2 can also be downloaded from the website.
  • Proposing faculty should also send two printed copies of the above documents to the Chairperson, IPIC.
  • IPIC assigns a number to the “IP Application” and forward the application to members of the IPIC Cell.
  • IPIC Cell meeting is convened within 5 days every week to discuss of receiving the proposal received.
  • Proposal is evaluated by the IPIC committee as per the attached flow chart.
  • Recommended proposals are examined by the Chairman, IPIC and a letter of approval is communicated to the proposer.
  • Proposing faculty of approved applications files the patent in the IPO Office. They may apply,
    As of September 2016, following drafts may be required for a product/process patent filing;
    • Form – 1 (Application Form) : Rs. 8800/-
    • Form – 2 (Specification of the Patent) : Nil
    • Form – 3 (Undertaking under Section 8) : Nil
    • Form – 5 (Declaration as to Inventorship) : Nil
    • Form – 9 (Request for Publication) : 13,750/-
    • Form – 18 (Request for Examination) : 22,000/-
  • While claiming the reimbursement / settling the expenditures to SRICC office, the document file should be routed through the IPR Cell. Copies of the proof of patent/design/copyright filing, issued by the Patent Office/Copyright Board, should be enclosed along with the document file and sent to AR (CN).

Process from Disclosure to Filing a Patent

Follow up for Inventors

  • Once your patent is filed, please submit a copy to IPIC.
  • Once your patent is published, please inform IPIC.
  • Check for FER every month from the IP India website.
  • Once patent gets granted inform IPIC and submits a copy of grant certificate.
  • Please inform IPIC for renewal of your patent.
  • Please make your patent commercialized.
  • For tech transfer or licencing of your patent inform IPIC and submit tech transfer/licencing document to IPIC for processing.
  • In case of unethical use of your paatented invention, please inform IPIC immediately.