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Research Group
  • Structural and Advanced Ceramics
Areas of Interest
  • Processing and Characterization of Ceramics, Structural Ceramics, Ceramic Adsorbents.

Sunipa Bhattacharyya Associate Professor

Ceramic Engineering

0661 - 246 2213










Sunipa Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor

Ceramic Engineering

Room Number: CR-238

Department of Ceramic Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

Ph.D. (Jadavpur University)

Synthesis of surface modified ceramic absorbrnt for deflurination of drinking water SERB
  • Principal Investigator
  • 36
  • Completed   Sponsored

A. K. Yadav, S. Bhattacharyya, and R. Sarkar,"Granule-shaped gamma-alumina adsorbents for the mitigation of excess fluoride ions from groundwater",IN 466660, Granted to NIT Rourkela, 2023       << Patent >>

Total Publications: 34

S. Bhattacharyya and R. Singh,"Effect of solution ph on mullite phase formation from a diphasic precursor powder", Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, vol.52, no.2, pp.20-31, Australian Ceramic Society, January 2016       Article

P. S. Behera, R. Sarkar, and S. Bhattacharyya,"Nano alumina: A review of the powder synthesis method", InterCeram: International Ceramic Review., vol.65, no.1-2, pp.10-16, Expert Fachmedien GmbH, December 2016       Article

S. Bhattacharyya and S.,"Improvement of fired properties in porcelain system by the addition of transition metal oxides", Journal of the Australian Ceramic Society, vol.51, no.1, pp.8-15, THE AUSTRALIAN CERAMICS SOCIETY, January 2015       Article

S. Bhattacharyya and T. S. Snehesh,"Effect of cobalt oxide additive on the fired properties of tri-axial ceramic", Ceramics International, vol.41, no.1, pp.61-67, Elsevier, January 2014, 10.1016/j.ceramint.2014.08.005       Article

R. Singh and S. Bhattacharyya,"Synthesis of mullite precursor powder in diphasic gel form", Transaction of the Indian ceramic society, vol.73, no.2, pp.98-101, Taylor & Francis, April 2014, 10.1080/0371750X.2014.922422       Article

  • CR0004 : Industrial Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR218 : Introduction to Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR219 : Introduction to Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR231 : Properties of Ceramic Raw Materials {Theory}
  • CR2408 : Fuels and Furnace Technology {Theory}
  • CR248 : Fuels, Furnace and Stoichiometry     {Theory}
  • CR322 : Fuel and Furnace Technology {Theory}
  • CR611 : Testing and Characterization {Theory}
  • CR6131 : Testing and Characterization {Theory}
  • CR614 : Advanced Structural Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR624 : Advanced Glasses {Theory}
  • CR6433 : Cellular Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR663 : Testing and Ceramic Characterization {Theory}
  • CR2410 : Chemical Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR271 : Chemical Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR271 : Raw Materials Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR474 : Ceramic Powder Synthesis Project {Practical}
  • CR6173 : Testing and Characterization Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR672 : Refractory Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR674 : Advanced Refractory Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR674 : Process Ceramics Laboratory {Practical}

Ph.D. Students [5]
Studies on the Synthesis and Utilization of Fine Alumina Powder for the Fabrication of Sintered Mullite Ceramic
Pallavi Suhasinee Behera
Enrolled: Jul 2014
Graduated :  2022
Development of Granular Porous Alumina Adsorbents using Kaolin for the Mitigation of Excess Fluoride Ions from Aqueous System
Amit Kumar Yadav
Enrolled: Jul 2016
Graduated :  2022
Effect of rare-earth oxides on the formation, densification and property development of magnesium aluminate spinel prepared from different oxide reactants in a single-stage firing process
Biswajit Baruah
Enrolled: Jul 2018
Thesis Submitted
Porous Ceramics
Sourav Ranjan Satpathy
Enrolled: Jul 2022
Ceramic Engineering
Susant Mohapatra
Enrolled: Jan 2023
Executive Ph.D. Students [1]
Executive Ph.D Fabrication and characterization of clay-based ceramics
Khodidas Govindbhai Kundariya
Enrolled: Feb 2021
M.Tech by Research Students [1]
Mullite Ceramic from Diphasic Precursor Powder
Rupali Singh
Graduated :  2014