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Research Group
  • Structural and Advanced Ceramics
Areas of Interest
  • Processing and Characterization of Ceramics, Structural Ceramics, Ceramic Adsorbents.

Sunipa Bhattacharyya Associate Professor

Ceramic Engineering

0661 - 246 2213








Sunipa Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor

Ceramic Engineering

Room Number: CR-238

Department of Ceramic Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

Ph.D. (Jadavpur University)

Synthesis of surface modified ceramic absorbrnt for deflurination of drinking water SERB
  • Principal Investigator
  • 36
  • Completed   Sponsored

Total Publications: 34

B. Baruah, S. Bhattacharyya, and R. Sarkar,"Synthesis of magnesium aluminate spinel—An overview", International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, vol.20, no.3, pp.1331 - 1349, John Wiley & Sons, May 2023, 10.1111/ijac.14309       Article

P. S. Behera and S. Bhattacharyya,"Microstructural, mechanical and phase formation behaviour of sintered mullite prepared from kaolinite and reactive alumina: effect of La2O3", Bulletin of Material Science, Springer, July 2022, 10.1007/s12034-022-02684-7       Article

P. S. Behera and S. Bhattacharyya,"Thermal decomposition, phase evolution and morphology study of combustion synthesized alumina powder – Influence of precursor pH", Materials chemistry and physics, vol.259, ELSEVIER 2021,       Article

P. S. Behera and S. Bhattacharyya,"Effect of different alumina sources on phase formation and densification of single-phase mullite ceramic – Reference clay alumina system", Materials Today Communications, vol.26, no.101818, pp.1-9, ELSEVIER 2021,       Article

A. K. Yadav, J. Mukthapuram, and S. Bhattacharyya,"Effect of substitution of quartz by silica residue in the fabrication of porcelain balls", in AIP conference proceedings 2021,       Inproceedings

  • CR0004 : Industrial Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR218 : Introduction to Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR219 : Introduction to Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR231 : Properties of Ceramic Raw Materials {Theory}
  • CR2408 : Fuels and Furnace Technology {Theory}
  • CR248 : Fuels, Furnace and Stoichiometry     {Theory}
  • CR322 : Fuel and Furnace Technology {Theory}
  • CR611 : Testing and Characterization {Theory}
  • CR6131 : Testing and Characterization {Theory}
  • CR614 : Advanced Structural Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR624 : Advanced Glasses {Theory}
  • CR6433 : Cellular Ceramics {Theory}
  • CR663 : Testing and Ceramic Characterization {Theory}
  • CR2410 : Chemical Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR271 : Chemical Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR271 : Raw Materials Analysis Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR474 : Ceramic Powder Synthesis Project {Practical}
  • CR6173 : Testing and Characterization Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR672 : Refractory Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR674 : Advanced Refractory Laboratory {Practical}
  • CR674 : Process Ceramics Laboratory {Practical}

Ph.D. Students [5]
Studies on the Synthesis and Utilization of Fine Alumina Powder for the Fabrication of Sintered Mullite Ceramic
Pallavi Suhasinee Behera
Enrolled: Jul 2014
Graduated :  2022
Development of Granular Porous Alumina Adsorbents using Kaolin for the Mitigation of Excess Fluoride Ions from Aqueous System
Amit Kumar Yadav
Enrolled: Jul 2016
Graduated :  2022
Effect of rare-earth oxides on the formation, densification and property development of magnesium aluminate spinel prepared from different oxide reactants in a single-stage firing process
Biswajit Baruah
Enrolled: Jul 2018
Thesis Submitted
Porous Ceramics
Sourav Ranjan Satpathy
Enrolled: Jul 2022
Ceramic Engineering
Susant Mohapatra
Enrolled: Jan 2023
Executive Ph.D. Students [1]
Executive Ph.D Fabrication and characterization of clay-based ceramics
Khodidas Govindbhai Kundariya
Enrolled: Feb 2021
M.Tech by Research Students [1]
Mullite Ceramic from Diphasic Precursor Powder
Rupali Singh
Graduated :  2014