Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence.
-Thomas Szasz

Project Fellowships

Applications are invited from Indian citizens with excellent academic background for contractual appointment under different research projects undertaken in the various departments of NITR as indicated below.   
DepartmentProject TitleName of PostPrincipal InvestigatorLast DateDetails
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering: “Testicular stem cell-mediated transgenesis for production of granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF)”Junior Research Fellow- 01 Post Prof. M.K. Gupta 18 Oct 2016
Chemistry“Insights into the Mechanism of Chemical Reactions: A Conceptual Density Functional and ab-initio Molecular Dynamic Study”Junior Research Fellow- 01 Post Dr. Santanab Giri03 Oct 2016
Computer Science and Engineering Digitization of steel microstructure images, modeling of plain carbon steel microstructure evolution during heat treatment using cellular automata and phase field mJunior Research Fellow -01Dr. Ruchira Naskar30 Sep 2016
Ceramic Engineering“Development and Demonstration of Denser Ceramic Membrane-based Technology for Separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases ”Junior Research Fellow -01Prof.Swadesh Kumar Pratihar30 Sep 2016
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