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Project Fellowships

Applications are invited from Indian citizens with excellent academic background for contractual appointment under different research projects undertaken in the various departments of NITR as indicated below.   
DepartmentProject TitleName of PostPrincipal InvestigatorLast DateDetails
Electronics & Communication EngineeringDevelopment of a hand gesture based interface system for remote controlled surveillance mobile robotJunior Research Fellow(JRF) - 01Dr. Samit Ari20 Jun 2016
Life Science“Green synthesis of iron nanoparticles from manglicolous fungi of Indian Sundarban and their application in sequestration of heavy metals from contaminated water”Junior Research Fellow(JRF) - 01Dr.Surajit Das14 Jun 2016
ChemistrySpartial Distribution of Uranium and Associated Water Quality Parameters in Ground/Drinking WaterJunior Research Fellow -01Dr. Priyabrat Dash09 Jun 2016
Chemistry“Investigation of magnetic structure of gold based intermetallics and FeSb2Se4 related compounds”Junior Research Fellow(JRF) - 01Dr. Saroj L. Samal10 Jun 2016
Electronics & Communication Engineering“Application of Cognitive Radio Technology for Smart Grid Communication”Junior Research Fellow(JRF) - 01Prof. Siddharth Deshmukh06 Jun 2016
Mechanical Engineering“Ultrasonic vibration assisted turning of difficult to cut materials: Design and Development of tool holding system and parametric analysis of the process”Senior Research Fellow-01Prof.S.K.Sahoo30 May 2016
Chemistry“Insight into the Mechanism of Chemical Reactions:A Conceptual Density Functional and ab-initio Molecular Dynamic Study”Junior Research Fellow(JRF) - 01Dr.S.Giri27 May 2016
Physics and Astronomy“A study of neutrino parameters in Left-right symmetric models”Junior Research Fellow - 01Dr. Sasmita Mishra30 May 2016
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