Seminar Title
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Energy Storage from Waste Heat
Seminar Type
Registration Seminar
Mechanical Engineering
Speaker Name
Debi Prasad Sahoo ( Rollno : 919me5059)
Speaker Type
Mechanical Seminar Hall
Date & Time
13 Dec 2022 4.00pm
Prof. S. Murugan

The ever-growing energy demand, escalating energy prices, and environmental concerns such as global warming compel us to look for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. Thermal energy harvesting is a promising method for capturing freely available heat and converting it to a more usable form, such as mechanical or electrical energy. The &lsquofree&rsquo heat is primarily available in two conditions: waste heat and natural heat. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is a well-known concept that has been tested and proven for efficiently storing energy when demand is relatively less and utilizing it when demand is higher. Internal combustion (IC) engines are used in the transportation, agricultural, and power generation sectors.  About 60-70% of heat is wasted from IC engines through exhaust gases, cooling medium, and walls of the engine. A certain amount of waste heat can be utilized by integrating a suitable TES with IC engines. This research work is aimed at evaluating the performance of the TES integrated with a compression ignition (CI) engine which is used for decentralized power generation. As a first step of the research work, suitable energy storage materials will be chosen and their suitability for storing heat energy will be assessed by different characterization techniques. Further, the TES materials will be packed in a storage container which will be combined with the exhaust system of a turbocharged diesel generator. The performance of the diesel generator without and with the storage system will be evaluated.