Seminar Title
Load Frequency Control in Microgrid Using Electric Vehicles
Seminar Type
Registration Seminar
Electrical Engineering
Speaker Name
Rakesh Rajan Shukla ( Rollno : 919ee5046)
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Seminar Hall EE
Date & Time
13 Dec 2022 11 AM
Prof. Anup Kumar Panda

In the current scenario, renewable energy sources (PV and wind) are emerging as a potential solution to the problem posed by Non-renewable energy sources. Extensive penetration of renewable energy and continuously rising load seem to impact grid frequency and inertia of the system significantly. So maintaining grid frequency and inertia of the system has become a critical problem in recent years as penetration of renewable energy increased dramatically into the grid. Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, current research areas include grid frequency control and solution for problems such as inertia control, energy storage, selection of controllers, etc. Because of the growth of electric vehicles (EVs), integrating EVs into micro-grid and utilizing the electric vehicles for grid frequency support and energy storage unit is crucial. Integrating EVs in microgrid (MG) with different renewable energy sources makes the system more complex and challenging. For an Isolated MG system, stored energy in the EVs or batteries is utilized for maintaining system frequency under sudden load disturbances. However, when battery power is insufficient, the grid must be connected to the main grid to supply the deficit power. The EVs connected MG system discussed in this work has different charging strategies, and a Proper EVs charging strategy is crucial in stabilizing the grid frequency when needed.