Seminar Title
Tuning of Magnetoelectric coupling in composite multiferroics
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Registration Seminar
Physics and Astronomy
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Durga Prasad Sahu ( Rollno : 521ph2003)
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Date & Time
29 Sep 2023 3:00 PM
Prof. Anil Kumar Singh

The ongoing advanced development in the information and communication technology sector needs an optimized utilization of electric power. In this regard, multiferroic materials have emerged as a promising class of materials with extraordinary properties that can revolutionize various technological domains. We need a device for multifunctional requirements that is energy efficient and has high-speed performance. Multiferroic materials attract interest due to multiple ferroic orders in the same phase. Here, coupling between magnetic and electric orders gives rise to the fascinating phenomenon known as the magnetoelectric (ME) effect. This effect is important in designing multifunctional devices, including novel memory elements, data storage, and high-sensitivity magnetic field detectors. The ME effect in single-phase material occurs in extremely high magnetic fields and low temperatures. To address this challenge, we synthesized a composite material featuring the brownmillerite structure of KBiFe2O5 with various spinel ferrites MFe2O4 (where M =Co, Ni, Cu). Subsequently, we subjected this composite to rigorous testing under extreme conditions to assess its sustainability and performance for device application.