Seminar Title
Radio Resource Allocation using Cellular Network in VANET
Seminar Type
Progress Seminar
Computer Science and Engineering
Speaker Name
Biraja Prasad Nayak ( Rollno : 519cs1005)
Speaker Type
Conference Hall - CS 208
Date & Time
12 Jun 2023 11 AM
Dr. Arun Kumar

A group of moving or stationary vehicles connected by a wireless network form a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET). The primary purpose of VANETs is to enhance the safety and comfort of driving in moving vehicles. The vehicles generate different types of messages, such as safety and non-safety messages. The safety messages are prioritised over the non-safety ones as there is a time constraint for such messages. The resources are allocated to the vehicles depending on the criticality of the messages.
    The first approach allocates radio resources to vehicles for communicating with other vehicles based on the rank of messages using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The ranking is based on three parameters such as the priority of message, distance between transmitter and receiver, and size of the message.  Based on this ranking, the base station allocates resource blocks to the messages. In order to deliver safety-critical data faster, the most suitable resource block is given to the higher-ranked VUE pair. The numerical study proves that the ranked VUE pair's information value is better than that of reverse-ranked VUEs and random RB allocation.