Seminar Title
Performance Evaluation of Enhanced DV-Hop Algorithms in WSN
Seminar Type
Departmental Seminar
Computer Science and Engineering
Speaker Name
Prof. Pabitra Mohan Khilar
Speaker Type
New Conference Hall, CSE Department (CS 323)
Date & Time
09 Jun 2023 05:15 PM
Sumanta Pyne, PIC Seminar, CSE Department
A wireless sensor network (WSN) consists of many small, low cost and less computational power sensor nodes. These nodes are uniformly or randomly deployed for gathering vital information from the environment. It is crucial to identify the exact and accurate position of the sensor node as it helps in efficient communication between unknown and known (beacon) nodes. Localization has many applications such as rescue, traffic controlling and monitoring, underwater cultivation, surveillance, and target tracking. It is also used in day-to-day life in the form of GPS to guide people in their travel. Hence, to avail the accurate service from localization, the exact position of the sensor is needed. In this work, an improved version of DV-Hop algorithm is proposed to enhance the localization accuracy. Two distance measurements are calculated to obtain the distance from an unknown node to the beacon node by considering hop value and hop size. Finally, the probabilistic distance estimation is applied to the obtained distances to get the actual distance. The proposed approach is compared with the traditional amorphous and improved amorphous algorithm and provides higher accuracy in terms of MAE, MSE, and RMSE.