Seminar Title
Modulations in Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Martian Atmosphere Due to Dust Lifting Activities
Seminar Type
Registration Seminar
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Speaker Name
Anirban Mandal ( Rollno : 521er1002)
Speaker Type
Mining Engineering Seminar Hall
Date & Time
21 Jun 2023 11:00 AM
Prof. Jagabandhu Panda

Dust is one of Mars&rsquo most essential and dynamic atmospheric components. Dust storms on Mars are a significant feature of its atmospheric dynamics. Strong winds on Mars mobilize vast amounts of dust particles, circulating them around and giving rise to dust storms. Worldwide dust storms that engulf the whole planet are also a unique features of the Martian dust cycle. On Mars, global-scale dust storms happen irregularly, about every 3&ndash5 Mars Years. In addition to dust storms, Mars experiences another intriguing phenomenon known as dust devils. Understanding the physics and dynamics associated with dust storms and dust devils on Mars is vital in comprehending the behaviour of dust in the Martian atmosphere and its influence on climate patterns and surface conditions. The main focus of this work would be to advance the understanding of the thermodynamics and dynamics of different layers of the Martian atmosphere and associated changes due to dust-lifting activities. The work would focus on studying the growth and evolution of dust storms, influence on each other, interannual variability, and their impact on the variability of water ice and CO2 ice, using both observations and numerical modeling. The PBL dynamics and its relation with topography will be studied to understand the physical characteristics associated with dust-lifting near the surface and its influence on the development of dust devils. The study of Martian dust-lifting activities will shed light on the unique atmospheric processes of the red planet, contributing to our broader understanding of the physics and dynamics of the planetary atmospheres.