Seminar Title
Investigation of machinability criteria of high strength alloy
Seminar Type
Progress Seminar
Mechanical Engineering
Speaker Name
Abhisek Panigrahi ( Rollno : 518me1023)
Speaker Type
Departmental Seminar Hall
Date & Time
09 Jun 2023 11.00am
Prof. Kalipada Maity

Optimizing the various machining conditions to achieve the machined surface characteristic of a part is one of the main aims of the machining process. The present work shows a Response surface methodology based quadratic model to predict some significant responses of nickel-alloy. Cutting variables like spindle speed(Vc), feed(f), and depth of cut(d) through the model for the same were taken from the response surface methodology. Cutting force, temperature, surface roughness, and tool wear were taken as significant responses. The effects of machining parameters were studied using the ANOVA table. Both experimental and numerical analyses were taken into consideration. Finite element modeling was done by using Deform 3D software. Both experimental and numerical study was done considering the dry condition. The maximum acceptance is taken under 10 % of error. Experimental results were compared with statistical and numerical values. In addition, machining with flood cooling was also done and compared with dry condition. A partial work of computational fluid dynamics work was investigated to show the nanofluid flow.