Seminar Title
Simulation and experimental investigation of CO2 capture in Stand-by Power Generation unit using biomass activated carbon
Seminar Type
Departmental Seminar
Mechanical Engineering
Speaker Name
Prof. S. Murugan
Speaker Type
Seminar Hall, Mechanical Engineering Department
Date & Time
23 Mar 2023 04:30 PM
Dr R K Behera, 06612504
A variety of biomass substances are available everywhere in the world. Activated carbon can be produced from different biomass substances and used in many industrial applications. One of the applications of waste biomass substances is its use as an adsorbent for carbon capture. It is estimated that about 19.44 million tonnes of agricultural residues were generated in the UK in the year 2020. These residues will continue to be produced in the years 2030 and 2050. In this research work, three biomass residues available in the UK, namely corn stalk, barley straw, corn stover were characterized for producing activate carbon for carbon capture application. Preliminary simulation studies were performed using activated carbons originated from these three biomass substances to adsorb carbon dioxide from the exhaust of a compression ignition(CI) engine. Important parameters such as adsorbent adsorption capacity, adsorption kinetics rate, effluent breakthrough curve, and isosteric heat of adsorption were examined and the results are presented.