Seminar Title
Efficient VM Placement and Task Scheduling Approach using Optimization Techniques
Seminar Type
Registration Seminar
Computer Science and Engineering
Speaker Name
Akanksha Tandon ( Rollno : 521cs1004)
Speaker Type
Convention Room, CSE Department
Date & Time
24 Mar 2023 11:45 AM
Dr. Sanjeev Patel

Cloud Data Centers (CDCs) have been developed into a virtual computing platform for businesses. Nevertheless, CDCs require significant power which is the essential need for processor speed, particularly for Internet of Things (IoT) activities. Despite the existence of a significant amount of research in the green allocation of resource methodologies has been carried out to minimize the usage of the CDCs. Traditional systems mainly seek to minimize the number of physical machines (PMs) as well as very seldom tackle the problems of overload and energy efficiency of the virtual machines (VMs) regulations concurrently. Furthermore, present systems cannot evaluate and redirect traffic from relevant sources to maximize the quality of service (QoS) supplied by CDCs. We attempt to enhance the AFED-EF scheme to improve energy saving. That is a unique adaptive energy-aware VM allocation and deployment technique for different applications, to address these issues. We conducted a comprehensive exploratory program utilizing an authentic workload of over a million Planet Lab VMs. The research results demonstrate that our modified approach outperforms the AFED-EF and other existing traditional approaches such as MAD, IQR, and overload detection using exponential weightage moving average.