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International Students

International students from Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, SriLanka, Pakistan, Oman, Iran, Nepal, Bhutan, Congo, Kuwait, UAE, Afghanistan and Maldives head to NIT Rourkela for a quality education. Studying in this institute offers the chance to experience another culture, perfect your language skills and gain an internationally recognized qualification.

NIT Rourkela generates multicultural awareness among students through a variety of events, and enriches their experience of living and studying. As a multicultural organization, we support international students from all the backgrounds. In order to address the interests and needs of the international student body, NIT Rourkela regularly collaborates with governmental bodies, educational providers, student societies and community organizations.

NIT Rourkela supports various programmes for International Students like-

1. DASA (Direct Admission of Students from Abroad)
2. ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations)
3. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs)
Prof. Susmita Mishra
Convener, International Student Welfare Committee
Phone : +91-661-246-2255(O)
Email Id : smishra@nitrkl.ac.in
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