Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Integration in Smart Grid, Electric Vehicle (PEREISGEV 2020)

23 Sep 2020   -   27 Sep 2020
Electrical Engineering
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Smart Grid technology is an advanced technology developed in recent years as a critical competence of traditional power networks with reliable and efficient operation across a wide range of industries. The ability to deliver the technical information of Smart Grids to the right audience at the right time is a valuable skill, especially for those engaged in the field of power systems. Renewable sources of energies are often placed into a Smart Grid, a local electricity distribution system that is operated in a controlled way and includes both electricity users and renewable electricity generation. This course deals with DC and AC Microgrids and covers a wide range of topics, from basic definitions, through modelling and control of PV, EV integrated AC and DC Microgrids. A number of advanced control techniques for different control aspects of Microgrid i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary control will be discussed. One will have opportunity to know various concepts related to Microgrid technology and implementation, such as smart grid and virtual power plant, types of distribution network, markets, control strategies and components. Among the components special attention is given to operation and control of power electronics interfaces. One will familiarize with the advantages and challenges of Microgrids. One will also have the opportunity to know different topics of Microgrids through different exercises.