Renewable Energies and Plug-in Vehicles Integration in Microgrid (REPVIM-2021)

26 Nov 2021   -   30 Nov 2021
Electrical Engineering
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This 5-day course is specially designed to overall content structure has been framed taking into account the recent trends of inclusion of EVs and Renewable energy sources in today’s electric grid. Different types of transformations in conventional grid starting from generations, transmissions, protections and loads, are required to be cited. So far as current scenarios of smart grid are concerned, uncertainties in generations and loads should also be taken into account. Supply and demand side management, which plays a key role in stability of Microgrid is to be discussed. Emphasis is also required to be given for improving reliability and economic performance of Microgrid, focusing on power quality, storage and voltage and frequency control. Performances of different methods and algorithms are to be verified over conventional ones. Case studies of different issues over a particular region are to be included for giving better ideas to the readers. Major emphasis is required to be given to experimental or test bed validations of proposed algorithms or methods for the interest of the readers. It is expected that this course will be suitable for engineering professionals from academia, R&D organizations as well as industries.