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Faculty Profile


Research Group
  • Product Modelling, Design and Analysis , Innovative Product Design
Areas of Interest
  • Manufacturing Engineering, Finite Element Modeling, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Weldablility of Superalloys, Laser Welding Process

Ajit Kumar Sahu Asst. Professor Adhoc

Industrial Design




Ajit Kumar Sahu

Asst. Professor Adhoc

Industrial Design

Room Number: ID-219

Department of Industrial Design, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008


Manufacturing Science and Engineering
IIT Guwahati


Computer Integrated Manufacturing
NIT Agartala


Mechanical Engineering
BPUT Odisha

Teaching Experience
  • Mechanical Engineering,  NIT Goa,   03 Jan 2022 - 07 Feb 2022
Post Doctoral Research Experience
  • Multiphysics modelling of grain growth during hot isostatic pressing and during isothermal forging of powder metallurgy nickel based superalloy,  IIT Bombay,   08 Feb 2022 - 15 Jul 2022

Total Publications: 8

A. K. Sahu and S. Bag,"Influence of heat input on intermetallic formation in dissimilar autogenous laser welding between Inconel 718 and AISI 316L steel", Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, vol.237, no.9, pp.1422–1435, Sage Journal 2022,       Article

A. K. Sahu and S. Bag,"Design of a double aging treatment for the improvement of mechanical and microstructural properties of pulse micro-plasma arc welded alloy 718", Journal of Materials Science, vol.56, no.23, pp.13400-13415, Springer, May 2021,       Article

A. K. Sahu and S. Bag,"Influence of current pulsation on solidification parameters during micro-plasma arc welding of thin sheet Alloy 718", Welding in the World, vol.65, pp.2403-2419, Springer, September 2021,       Article

A. K. Sahu and S. Bag,"Effect of Current Pulsation on Weld Microstructure During Micro-Plasma Arc Welding of Inconel 718", Next Generation Materials and Processing Technologies, ch.13, vol.9, pp.159–169, Springer, June 2021,       Inbook

A. K. Sahu,"Influence of Squeeze Time on Fracture Mode of SS304 Spot Weldments", Recent Advances in Manufacturing, Automation, Design and Energy Technologies, ch.12, pp.305–313, Springer, October 2021,       Inbook

  • ID2101 : Elements and Principles of Design {Theory}
  • ID2202 : Materials and Processes for Design {Theory}
  • ID3301 : Manufacturing Process {Theory}
  • ID4306 : Design for Manufacturing and Assembly {Theory}
  • ID6338 : Advanced Materials, Manufacturing Process and Finishes {Theory}
  • ID2702 : Design Workshop - II {Practical}
  • ID3701 : Design Workshop - III {Practical}
  • ID3702 : Simulation Laboratory- I {Practical}
  • ID6171 : Sketching and Rendering Laboratory {Practical}

Awards And Honours
  • Scholarship from the American Welding Society (AWS- India International Section) for carrying out M.Tech. project work at IGCAR (Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research) Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu,   2015
Memberships / Fellowships
  • MHRD fellowship for PhD 2015-2020,,   2015
  • MHRD fellowship for M. Tech. 2013-2015,,   2013