Bikash Sahoo

Assistant Professor Grade-I


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Prof. Bikash Sahoo

Assistant Professor Grade-I


Joined in Oct 2007

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 Department of Mathematics, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

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  1. Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)


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Applied Mathematics
Areas of Interest
Computational Fluid Dynamics


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Total Publications: 7
B. Sahoo, "Analysis of oblique stagnation point flow over a rough surface", Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, vol.490, no.1, pp.124208, Elsevier, October 2020, 10.1016/j.jmaa.2020.124208 Article
G. M. Sarkar and B. Sahoo, "Dual solutions of magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow and a linear temporal stability analysis", Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engin, Sage, June 2020, 10.1177/0954408920934220 Article
S. Sarkar, B. Sahoo, K. Vikas, and G. M. Sarkar, "Effects of anisotropic roughness on MHD flow near a rotating disk", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences, Springer, June 2020, 10.1007/s40010-020-00685-x Article
B. Sahoo and I. Shevchuk, "Heat transfer due to revolving flow of Reiner-Rivlin fluid over a stretchable surface", Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, vol.10, pp.327-336, Elsevier, May 2019, 10.1016/j.tsep.2019.03.004 Article
A. Das and B. Sahoo, "An analytic solution of the unsteady flow between two coaxial rotating disks", Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing:, ch.14, pp.129-138, Springer, trends in mathematics, February 2019, 10.1007/978-3-030-01123-9_14 Inbook

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A. Das and B. Sahoo, "Flow and heat transfer of a second grade fluid between two stretchable rotating disks", Bulletin of the Brazilian Mathematical Society, vol.49, no.3, pp.531-547, Springer, September 2018, 10.1007/s00574-018-0069-9 Article
A. Das and B. Sahoo, "Flow of a Reiner-Rivlin fluid between two infinite coaxial rotating disks", Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, vol.41, no.14, pp.5602-5618, Wiley, September 2018, 10.1002/mma.5103 Article

 Courses Taught

  • MA1001 : Mathematics - I {Theory}
  • MA101 : Mathematics - I {Theory}
  • MA102 : Mathematics - II {Theory}
  • MA102 : Mathematics – II {Theory}
  • MA202 : Mathematics – IV {Theory}
  • MA205 : Introduction to Numerical Analysis {Theory}
  • MA2306 : Mathematical Methods {Theory}
  • MA311 : Linear Algebra {Theory}
  • MA407 : Metric spaces {Theory}
  • MA531 : Boundary Layer Theory {Theory}
  • MA532 : Fluid Dynamics {Theory}
  • MA5332 : Fluid Dynamics {Theory}
  • MA631 : Advanced Fluid Dynamics {Theory}
  • MA270 : Numerical Methods Laboratory {Practical}
  • MA371 : Laboratory Work on Mathematical Software {Practical}
  • MA471 : Object Oriented Programming Practice Laboratory {Practical}
  • MA472 : Numerics of Partial Differential Equations {Practical}
  • MA473 : Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory – I {Practical}
  • MA474 : Programming Practice Laboratory - III {Practical}
  • MA574 : Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - II {Practical}

 Research Scholars

Ph.D. Students
Numerical Analysis,Differential Equation, Fluid Dynamics

 Sradharam Swain



Fluid Dynamics

 Jyotiranjan Sahoo



Fluid Dynamics

 Dip Mukherjee



Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Non-Linear Dynamics

 Golam Mortuja Sarkar



Differential Equation

 Suman Sarkar



Study Of Non-Newtonian Swirling Flows Near Rotating Disks

 Abhijit Das




PG Dissertation
  • Dinesh Mahananda (415MA2080), "Effects of Suction and Injection on Swirling flow near a Rough disk" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Tuli Biswas (416MA2078), "Solutions and analysis of a class of nonlinear differential equations" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Diksha Agrawal (417MA2085), "Basics of Non Newtonian Fluids" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Richa Srivastav (418MA2100), "Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Solution of Viscoalastic Boundary Layer Flow" - M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
UG Dissertation
  • Sai Ravi Teja Varma Manthena (410MA5053), "Stagnation point flow of a non-newtonian fluid" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Akashdeep Yadav (411MA5060), "Axis-symmetric stagnation point flow by Homotopy Analysis Method" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Biswajeet Pradhan (411MA5081), "Stagnation point flow by Homotopy analysis method" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2016 Summer
  • K Vikas (413MA5095), "Effects of anisotropic roughness on Karman flow of an electrically conducting viscous fluid" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Jarupula Noushilal (414MA5038), "BRIEF HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF FORTRAN" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Shruti Jaiswal (414MA5093), "Some flow problems having exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Jarupula Noushilal (414MA5038), "BRIEF HISTORY OF DEVELOPMENT OF FORTRAN" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019 Summer
  • Srijan Srivastava (415MA5032), "Non-Newtonian boundary layer flows of Karman and Bodewadt type revisited" - Integrated M.Sc.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring

 Awards and Honours

Memberships / Fellowships
  • American Mathetical Society, Indian Mathematical Society,