Pradip Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Chemical Engineering

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Prof. Pradip Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Chemical Engineering

Joined in Oct 2009

 Room Number: CH-231

 Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Sundargarh, Odisha, India - 769008

 Education Qualification

  1. Ph.D. (IIT Guwahati)


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Research Group
Separation and Purification
Areas of Interest
Adsorptive gas separation and energy storage Photocatalysis and polymer degradation Chemical sensing Membrane separation Modeling, simulation and conceptual designing of distillation processes


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Total Publications: 7
P. George and P. Chowdhury, "NH2 -MIL-125(Ti) and its emeraldine functionalized derivative as a chemical sensor for effective detection of dopamine", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.288, pp.109591, Elsevier, November 2019, 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.109591 Article
P. George and P. Chowdhury, "Complex dielectric transformation of UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectra for estimating optical band-gap energies and materials classification", Analyst, vol.144, no.9, pp.3005-3012, Royal Society of Chemistry 2019, 10.1039/c8an02257g Article
P. George, R. K. Das, and P. Chowdhury, "Facile microwave synthesis of Ca-BDC metal organic framework for adsorption and controlled release of Curcumin", Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, vol.281, pp.161-171, Elsevier 2019, 10.1016/j.micromeso.2019.02.028 Article
V. Kumar, Y. S. Karnjkar, P. George, R. K. Singh, and P. Chowdhury, "Effective removal of Congo red using sunflower oil/tri-n-octylamine system in a bulk liquid membrane process and studying the transport kinetics", Chemical Papers, vol.72, no.8, pp.2055-2069, Springer 2018, 10.1007/s11696-018-0438-2 Article
V. Kumar, R. K. Singh, and P. Chowdhury, "Efficient extraction and recovery of Lignosulfonate using sunflower oil as green solvent in liquid membrane transport: Equilibrium and kinetic study", Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, vol.67, pp.109-122, Elsevier 2018, 10.1016/j.jiec.2018.06.021 Article

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P. George, K. I. Chaudhari, and P. Chowdhury, "Influence of cation doping (Li+, Na+, K+) on photocatalytic activity of MIL-53(Fe)", Journal of Materials Science, vol.53, no.16, pp.11694-11714, Springer 2018, 10.1007/s10853-018-2443-9 Article
P. George, N. R. Dhabarde, and P. Chowdhury, "Rapid synthesis of titanium based metal organic framework (MIL-125) via microwave route and its performance evaluation in photocatalysis", Materials Letters, vol.186, pp.151-154, Elsevier 2017, 10.1016/j.matlet.2016.09.099 Article

 Courses Taught

  • CH210 : Fuels and Combustion {Theory}
  • CH2112 : Mass Transfer Operations – I {Theory}
  • CH224 : Mass Transfer Operations - I {Theory}
  • CH225 : Chemical Process Calculations {Theory}
  • CH3113 : Mass Transfer Operations– II {Theory}
  • CH315 : Mass Transfer Operations {Theory}
  • CH321 : Mass Transfer Operations {Theory}
  • CH321 : Mass Transfer Operations - II {Theory}
  • CH421 : Simulation Modeling and Optimization Techniques in Chemical Process {Theory}
  • CH422 : Simulation Modeling and Optimisation of Chemical Process {Theory}
  • CH6400 : Fuel Technology {Theory}
  • CH273 : Fuels and Combustion Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH3172 : Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH3471 : Fuels and Combustion Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH367 : Product Development laboratory - I {Practical}
  • CH373 : Mass Transfer Fundamentals Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH374 : Heat and Mass Transfer Design Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH374 : Mass Transfer Applications Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH375 : Mass Transfer Operation Laboratory {Practical}
  • CH470 : Process Simulation Laboratory {Practical}

 Research Scholars

Ph.D. Students
Environmental Science

 Smruti Smita Sahoo



Metal Organic Frameworks As Potential Candidates In Photocatalysis And Chemical Sensing Applications

 Prince George

 Thesis Submitted


Extraction And Recovery Of Various Wastewater Contaminants Using Liquid Membrane Techniques

 Vikas Kumar



Fluidizied Bed Reactor

 Pranati Sahoo



Executive Ph.D. Students
Oil And Gas Related To Clean Fuels.

 Chantibabu Datti




PG Dissertation
  • Santosh Vishwanath Hippale (213CH1119), "DI-OCTYL AMINE MEDIATED TRANSPORT OF LIGNOSULFONATE USING BULK LIQUID MEMBRANE TECHNIQUE" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Snehasis Biswas (213CH1116), "Separation of Chromium (VI) by Bulk Liquid Membrane Technique" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Kamini Ishwarlal Chaudhari (214CH1096), "Performance Study of MIL-53 (Fe) and Its Doped Variants as Potential Photocatalysts" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Nikhil Rahul Dhabarde (214CH1098), "Photodegradation of ammonia using MIL-125 as a potential photocatalyst" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Prashant Prabhakar Niture (214CH1103), "DEVELOPMENT OF Cu-BTC (MOF) BASED MEMBRANE ON RED-MUD SUPPORT: FABRICATION, CHARACTERIZATION & APPLICATION" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Ankit Agarwalla (215CH1288), "Extraction and Recovery of Phenol from its aqueous solution using vegetable oil as liquid membrane" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Yogesh Sanjay Karnjkar (215CH1047), "EXTRACTION AND RECOVERY OF DIFFERENT DYES USING GREEN SOLVENTS AS A LIQUID MEMBRANE MEDIUM" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Bhaskor Jyoti Hazarika (216CH1098), "STUDIES ON SEPARATION OF CURCUMIN FROM ITS SOLUTION USING LIQUID MEMBRANE TECHNIQUE" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Saurabh Jangle (217CH1074), "Photocatalytic Reduction of Cr (VI) using MIL-125 (Ti) and NH2-Functionalized MIL-125 (Ti) Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Ayush Pandey (218CH3425), "Methane enrichment in Natural Gas: A process simulation study using Aspen Plus" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Sasanka Sekhar Mohanty (218CH3074), "Modelling and development of Cryogenic CO2 capture" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Rushabh Kamalakar Kale (219CH1079), "Improvement in fuel quality of non-coking Indian coals via different washing techniques" - M.Tech.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
UG Dissertation
  • Banavathu Goutham Kumar (111CH0503), "Steady state simulation of Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) in Aspen plus" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Parkhe Shashank Raosaheb (111CH0505), "Steady state simulation of an Azeotropic distillation system using Aspen Plus" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Pritam Kumar Bala (111CH0595), "Steady state simulation of extractive distillation system using Aspen plus" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Telagam Setty Maayedukondalu (111CH0504), "Steady state simulation of continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system using Aspen Plus" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Abhishek Chatterji (112CH0473), "Steady State and Dynamic Simulation of Binary Azeotropic Systems using ASPEN Simulation" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Amisha Agarwal (112CH0490), "Comparison of Photocatalytic performances of Novel Photocatalysts with Conventional Photocatalysts" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • B.Litusha Patro (112CH0083), "Application of Liquid Membrane in removal of Dyes" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2015-16 Spring
  • Jyoti Prakash Singh (113CH0097), "DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF A PORTABLE DEHUMIDIFIER" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Pratik Das (112CH0074), "“Application of Metal Organic Framework (MOF) into Potential Drug Delivery Systems”" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Ravi Kiran Das (113CH0070), "Study of Drug Delivery using Metal Organic Frame Works" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Biranga Ray (114CH0078), "DEVELOPMENT OF A BULK LIQUID MEMBRANE MODULE" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Digant Nayak (114CH0075), "SEPARATION OF CHROMIUM (VI) USING EMULSION LIQUID MEMBRANE TECHNIQUE" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Jisha Bhattacharjee (114CH0323), "FABRICATION AND APPLICATION OF MIXED MATRIX MEMBRANES" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Nargis Jahan (114CH0067), "Effect of anion(S2-) doping on the photocatalytic activity of MIL-53(Fe)" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Anubhav Kar (115CH0131), "Performance analysis of MIL-125(Ti) as a Potential Photocatalyst" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Siddharth Bhol (115CH0481), "SEPARATION STUDIES OF BIODIESEL FRACTIONS USING ASPEN PLUS SIMULATION" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Tanya Mishra (115CH0140), "Photocatalytic activity of MIL-53(Fe) and effect on it with cation doping (Li+, Na+, K+)" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2018-19 Spring
  • Bipin Kumar Sahoo (115CH0579), "PROCESS SIMULATION OF ENRICHMENT OF NATURAL GAS USING ASPEN PLUS" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2019 Summer
  • Anil Kumar Sethy (116CH0125), "Process simulation study of bio-ethanol separation from its aqueous solution by distillation using aspen-plus." - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Marripelli Maniteja (116CH0106), "PROCESS SIMULATION OF SEPARATING ACETONE-CHLOROFORM MIXTURE" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2019-20 Spring
  • Karan Saxena (117CH0146), "Adsorptive Removal of CO2 and Performance Evaluation in a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) System" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
  • Pratik Kumar Patra (117CH0138), "Simulation Study of CO2 Absorption in different columns using MATLAB®" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
  • Siba Prasad (117CH0140), "WASHABILITY STUDIES ON NON-COKING INDIAN COAL" - B.Tech.    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring
  • Pallav Nayak (710CH1022), "Development of a photo oxidation/reduction electrode in photocatalytic study" - B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree    Supervisor     2014-15 Spring
  • Abhishek Puri (712CH1020), "STEADY-STATE SIMULATION OF SOLVENT EXTRACTION SYSTEM USING ASPEN PLUS" - B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Siramwar Divya Deepak (712CH1138), "Experimental studies on polymeric membranes: Fabrication, Characterization and Application" - B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree    Supervisor     2016-17 Spring
  • Soumya Sucharita Sahoo (713CH1023), "EFFECT OF Ag DOPING ON PHOTO CATALYTIC ACTIVITY OF MIL-53 (Fe)" - B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree    Supervisor     2017-18 Spring
  • Sachin Naik (716CH1022), "CO2 removal by absorption method: An Aspen-Plus simulation study" - B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree    Supervisor     2020-21 Spring

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  • IIChE,The Institution of Engineers,