Steps for applying of Transcripts

  • Prepare merged single PDF file (Certificates/grade card etc.) for which the applicant needs the transcript.
  • The applicant needs to pay the application fees (Minimum of Rs 1000/- for the set of 2 transcripts and Rs 500/- for each additional set. Example: for 5 transcripts one has to pay Rs 2500/-). The applicant needs to make the fee payment in the SB Collect portal of SBI (under ODISHA-> EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION -> DIRECTOR NIT ROURKELA -> FEE FOR TRANSCRIPT and proceed with the details.
  • Applicant needs to fill up all the details (Name, Roll no., Department, Program, Year of passing, Mobile number etc.) in the respective boxes.
  • The applicant needs to upload merged single PDF file containing all documents (Certificates/grade card etc.)
  • The applicant needs to mention the number of required transcripts consistent with the data entered and payment made in the SB Collect portal.
  • The details of the fee transaction ID with date need to be entered correctly. Upload the fee payment receipt for verification.
  • Provide address to which transcripts will be sent within India. For abroad, the applicants need to upload the courier name and their contact details for collection of the transcripts from the Institute. The courier person should submit a copy of his detail identity proof (passport/Aadhaar/driving license/ Voter ID etc.) for collection of the requested transcript. Applicant can enter multiple addresses along with the required number of transcripts for each address.
  • After entering all of the required data the applicant will submit application.
  • An application ID will be generated after successful submission of the application. The current status of the Transcripts within the Institute can be obtained by tracking with the application ID.
  • Additional transcripts, if required over and above the number mentioned in the earlier application, applicant need to apply again following the same due procedure.
  • The status of application can be viewed in the portal itself under "View Application status".
  • Once the transcripts are dispatched, the Tracking Id shall be updated in the portal "Track Application" and applicants can view it online. Tracking number will also be sent to the given email address of the applicant after dispatching the transcript.
    For transcripts to be sent abroad, dealing assistant will enter the place, date and time duration during which Courier person will collect transcripts.
  • If required, the dealing staff will communicate through given email address of the applicant.
  • In order to avoid any unnecessary delay, the applicants are requested to enter the correct data in the respective places
  • Filling the data in all the boxes is mandatory.
  • Applicants are advised to apply well in advance to avoid unwanted delay.
  • Under no circumstances the fees paid shall be refundable. Applicants need to be careful while applying for the same.

Contact details

Email : transcript[at]