Chitosan-based Bioactive Nanofibrous Hemostatic Agent for Emergency Care  Registration Seminar

 BALARAM MISHRA ( RollNo : 519BM6001) [Student]

 Biotechnology and Medical Engineering

 Online in MS Team (Code: ddm5q3k)  [23 Apr 2021 03:00 PM]

Unsupervised Change Detection Techniques in Remote Sensing Images  Registration Seminar

 V N SUJIT VUDATTU ( RollNo : 519EC7018) [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 MS Team (Code-pg1qr53)  [23 Apr 2021 4.30 PM]

Effect of rare-earth oxides on the formation, densification and property development of magnesium aluminate spinel prepared from different oxide reactants in a single-stage firing process  Progress Seminar

 BISWAJIT BARUAH ( RollNo : 518CR1005) [Student]

 Ceramic Engineering

 Online (MS Team Code : fxa9yhb)  [23 Apr 2021 11:00 AM]

Unravelling the Role of Heme in Bacterioferritin and Regulating Ferritin Self-Assembly: Implication towards Health and Diseases  Synopsis Seminar

 ABHINAV MOHANTY ( RollNo : 515CY1011) [Student]


 MS Team Code: a6xz9tu  [23 Apr 2021 11 AM]

Asymptotic and numerical methods for solving singularly perturbed differential equations  Registration Seminar

 SUSHREE PRIYADARSHANA ( RollNo : 519MA2009) [Student]


 Online through MS-team Code: kzs5f1k  [26 Apr 2021 11.30AM]

Response of Seismogenic faults and magmatic systems to tidal stress oscillations  Registration Seminar

 SAMBIT SAHOO ( RollNo : 519ER2004) [Student]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Online Mode via MS Team, code: f4h40g9)  [27 Apr 2021 11:30 AM]

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