Application of Convex Optimization in Some Geotechnical Engineering Issues  Registration Seminar

 Vamsi Alla, Roll No. 518CE1005 [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Seminar Room, Civil Engineering Department (MS Team)  [14 Aug 2020 4.30 PM]

Cooperative AF-based 3D mobile UAV relaying for hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks  Departmental Seminar

 Pankaj Kumar Sharma [Faculty]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 Online mode through MS Team(code:7o448ua)  [14 Aug 2020 11.00AM]

Determinants, Impacts and Spill-over Effects of Energy Efficiency: An Econometric Investigation on Unit-level Indian Manufacturing Industries  Progress Seminar

 Prajukta Tripathy (517HS1003) [Student]

 Humanities and Social Sciences

 MS Team (Code - vjb2vpt)  [17 Aug 2020 10:15am]

Development of IoT based wireless sensor system for slope stability monitoring system in open cast mines  Progress Seminar

 Devendra Kumar Yadav Roll No.: 517MN1003 [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Online Mode in MS teams meeting platform  [17 Aug 2020 11 AM]

Improvement of Data Dissemination in Hybrid VANETs  Registration Seminar

 Bidisha Bhabani [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Convention Room of CSE Department (MS team code:7qj92cp)  [17 Aug 2020 16:00]

Theoretical & Experimental Analysis of Large Deformation Induced Frequency, Static and Transient Responses of Layered Composite Structure with Cut-out under Thermo-Mechanical Loading  Progress Seminar

 Hukum Chand Dewangan (Roll No. 518ME1005) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Team)  [17 Aug 2020 11 AM]

Time dependent fracture behavior of epoxy resin: A size effect study  Registration Seminar

 Vhaisraju Rajsekhar, Roll No.- 518CE1006 [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Team)  [17 Aug 2020 4.30 PM]

Nonlinear Responses of Multidirectional FGM Panel Including Porosity and Variable Grading Patten under Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Loading  Progress Seminar

 Prashik Malhari Ramteke (Roll No. 518ME1020) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Team)  [17 Aug 2020 11:40 AM]

Navigational Control and Path Optimization for Mobile Robot Using Hybrid Sine-Cosine Algorithm and Ant Colony Algorithm in Obscure Environment  Progress Seminar

 Saroj Kumar (518ME1013) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Teams) [Code - m6uzg7k ]  [17 Aug 2020 10 AM]

Design of High Performance Current Steering DAC for Communication Application  Progress Seminar

 Smrutilekha Samanta [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 Online through MS Team (a3p9x3q)  [18 Aug 2020 4.15PM]

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