Partial characterization of halotolerant microbial cellulases and their application in bioethanol production using sea water system  Defence Seminar

 Indira Dash (Roll No: 511LS109) [Student]

 Life Science

 Online mode (Through Google meet code: kds-xpki-ykw)  [28 Sep 2020 17:30]

Blockchain based Remote Authentication Model for IoT Architecture  Registration Seminar

 Manabhanjan Pradhan [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS Teams) (CODE - w9szvrb)  [28 Sep 2020 11:30AM]

Investigations of Antennas and Microwave Devices using Conformal Mapping Technique  Progress Seminar

  Jayanta Bhattacharya [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 On line Mode through MS TEAM(code: he7arg3)  [29 Sep 2020 3.00PM]

Synthetic Approaches Towards Biologically Active Heterocycles Employing Catalytic Strategies  Defence Seminar

 Sagarika Behera (513CY2082) [Student]


 Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 782 9363 6436 Passcode: 12345  [30 Sep 2020 11 AM]

Sputter deposition of tantalum oxide based high-k dielectric thin films for microelectronic applications  Registration Seminar

 Mr. Kiran Kumar Sahoo (Roll. No: 518PH1003) [Student]

 Physics and Astronomy

 MS Teams (meeting code: sg6ccdy)  [30 Sep 2020 11 AM]

Rotordynamic Analysis of High-Speed Rotor Supported on Gas Foil Bearing used in Cryogenic Turboexpander  Progress Seminar

 Debanshu Shekhar Khamari (518ME1010) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online mode( Microsoft teams code: zvqk9il)  [30 Sep 2020 11 AM]

Estimation of modal damping parameters of viscoelastic woven fibre polymer and hybrid woven fibre- particulate- polymer composites.  Synopsis Seminar

 Antara Bhattacharjee (515ME1003) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online through Ms-team (team code: 9l9xtnp)  [01 Oct 2020 4:30 P M]

Performance Improvement of DTC Based Induction Motor Using Different Control Techniques  Progress Seminar

 Abhimanyu Sahu (Roll No. 518EE1009, Supervisor: Prof. K. B. Mohanty) [Student]

 Electrical Engineering

 Online mode (Through MS Team, code: wj7tby5)  [06 Oct 2020 05:30 PM]

Coordination complexes of vanadium featuring O-N and O-N-S donor ligands: Study of reactivity and solution behavior  Synopsis Seminar

 Atanu Banerjee (Roll Number: 515CY1007) [Student]


 Online Mode (Through MS Team) (Code-102z097)  [07 Oct 2020 4 PM]

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