Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.
-Robert Green Ingersoll

School of Management (SM)

Management education provides the basic principles and skills for successfully handling the real life business problems. Qualitative B-school learning strikes an impeccable balance between theory and practice to groom the future action oriented leaders. School of Management offers two years Graduate Programme in Management (MBA) and subsequent research activities such as doctorate in Management and interdisciplinary fields. The department focuses on value based teaching, learning environment, research orientation, consulting industries by developing strong academic-industry interface. The architecture of the programme is designed with an objective to groom the future managers with strong conceptual clarity, analytical skills for problem solving, creativity and commitment, to fulfill the growing need of the industry. In addition to professional expertise, the department aims to give more emphasis on training students for collaboration and teamwork through the development of human relations skills, and attitudes that foster commitment towards individual as well as organisational excellence along with proper attention towards social and ethical responsibility. The different areas of electives which are offered are: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Operations, Systems & IT management.
Head of Department Department Address
Prof. Dinabandhu Bag
Associate Professor

Phone (Hod): 0661-2462801
Phone (Off): 0661-2462803
Phone (Res): 0661-2463803
Email Id : bagd@nitrkl.ac.in
Department of School of Management
National Institute of Technology Rourkela
Zip Code : 769008
Phone: 0661-2462803
Fax: 0661-2462801
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